School Christmas Cards

Welcome to School Christmas Cards

Our School Christmas Cards project is an excellent way for schools and PTAs to raise funds, whilst engaging children in a fun and creative activity. We set our price…you set your selling price. The difference is your fundraiser.

Our experience, attention to detail, and the care given to the reproduction of your child’s design is second to none. Our satisfaction comes from a job well done, year after year.

We are also a print provider (commercial & trade), all work is carried out in house by our experienced team, using the latest methods and technology. This allows us to maintain strict quality control, standards and helps us to constantly improve our service. Other providers won’t necessarily have our advantage, we are the end producer. We print our own.

Please click below for additional information. Check out our Ideas page for inspiration or our Gallery to have a look at some of our favourite designs from last year’s Christmas cards.

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